Online Store/Pharmacy

In today’s world, online shopping is more than just the rage, it is the new way of life. Online pharmacies are also becoming a popular avenue for people to conveniently order their pet’s medications, supplements and prescription diets, delivered straight to their door. On top of that, it’s cheap! The unfortunate problem that people do not realize is the fact that the medications they may be receiving are not guaranteed by the manufacturer because no one (except the online pharmacy) knows where it is coming from and how it is being handled. “Why should I care about that?” you may ask yourself. If certain medications are mishandled, they can become ineffective and the money you are spending is going down the drain along with your pet’s health, or even worse, becoming dangerous for your pet to even take.

As a veterinary hospital, we understand the need for cost effectiveness and we also believe that your pet deserves the best medicine possible. So, how can we help to offer both? The answer will be here next Monday! We will be offering our own online store/pharmacy that will be available to our clients with direct savings that compete with the other online pharmacies while still allowing the convenience of items shipped directly to your door. The part where this is still considered best medicine, all of our products offered are purchased directly from our distributors with all guarantees still in place! We know where the product is coming from and how it is being handled. These are the same great products that we offer in the hospital plus so much more. We will also be carrying diets from Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Purina and more. Watch for links to the site next week on both our website as well as Facebook.

As our world changes, Sierra Veterinary Hospital is committed to moving forward with our patient’s well-being as our number one priority.

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