tazTaz presented to Sierra Veterinary Hospital on September 8th 2014 for a swelling on the belly and a wound on the back. He had been stuck in a fence for some part of the day while the owner was at work a week prior, but the wounds seemed very minimal at the time. Lab-work was normal and the source of the swelling could not be determined. The wounds on the back appeared superficial. Antibiotics were started.

taz2Less than a week later, the wounds on the back began draining and the tissue began sloughing. It was then deduced that the wounds were severe burns that had occurred because Taz was stuck in a wire fence on a very warm, sunny day.
Finances were a concern; however the owner was not ready to give up hope. The entire affected area was clipped and cleaned under sedation. Further antibiotics and pain medications were started. The owner was instructed to warm compress the area 2 to 3 times daily and to keep the area covered with a clean t-shirt. Taz was kept indoors and he wore an e-collar. The owner returned to the hospital for weekly rechecks initially and as the wound healed the time between rechecks was extended.

It took 6 months and Taz will be left with permanent scars and areas otherwise devoid of hair, although he is a very happy dog and can now lead a full long life due to his owner’s Love, compliance and perseverance.

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